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  • 19 באוגוסט 2017


    My New color crush- Bronze. I love the warmth and luxuriuos feeling it reflects on the body. Try to combine it with black so it will ephesaize the bronze shininess!    Pics by Meir Cohen

    Mykonos ShMykonos

    For Me going to Greece is always a pleasure, Every island has its own magic.  At first, when we got there, rain welcomed us. So I was a little scared our vacation is ruined! But that wasn't the case. We...

    CRAZY IBIZA 2015

    I can conclude IBIZA in four simple words :  EAT . BEACH . RAVE . Repeat . So cliché yet so true.   We've spent there a whole week, which was enough. I can't really specified the things that went...

    Paris Fashion Week

    Paris Fashion Week. Only the sound of it is thrilling, So imagine what it made me feel when i got invites for the A list shows: Lanvin, Dior, Louis Vuitton. It almost felt surreal to be part of it.  But...