My New color crush- Bronze. I love the warmth and luxuriuos feeling it reflects on the body. Try to combine it with black so it will ephesaize the bronze shininess!    Pics by Meir Cohen

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מי לא מכיר את טואוס?! החברה שהצליחה להפוך את הדובי לסמל שכל פאשניסטה צריכה על עצמה אז ככה, היום גם אתן בנות הצפון היקרות יכולות להתהדר בדובי חדש דנדש הרשת בימים אלו פתחה חנות חדשה בגראנד קניון חיפה, ומציעה שלל

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An all Nude editorial to inspire the way you'll dress this holiday. The soft color and delicate fabrics combined with the metalic touch (on the Stella McCartney shoes & Chloé mini drew bag) making the looks festive and sophisticated. Enjoy your

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TEL AVIV Fashion Week '15

All the Red Carpet Moments, Designers, backstage moments, shows & events from the fabulous FW of Tel aviv. The Gala- Opening Night: Makeup, Hair & style by Gili Elgabi; wearing: Lanvin skirt, Manolo Blahnik heels DAY I – Maskit Show: (pic by

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Parisian Girl

Exploring all over again Paris, With my girl Avishag Nagar.  We were sent there to capture our moments in the Fashion Capital, while walking in Marcha Ballerina. Not Much to say except that we had the time of our life

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Since my FW looks were such a hit (at least in my opinion), i decided to create a mini editorial featuring my favorite looks of the week! The Results are AMAZING! Thanks to the talented Photographer Meir Cohen. Enjoy   Thanks: Puma

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Dream Land • Italia 2015

  Italy is the most beautiful country I've been in. Every inch of it is so glamorous, authentic and a movie like. You can find there anything; from great (high with carbs) food, home made pasta and pizza, great sea

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Black Brown Boho

The triple B. BLACK • BROWN • BOHO.  How to manage to combine the two colors everyone is afraid to put together?! Well, at first I tought that black and brown arent meant to become one. But as i started

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Lace it up

One of the hottest trends this season is no other then the lace up sandals. It comes in all kinds of shapes- the classic gladiators, the more feminine ones such as the one's Valentino launched.  You could notice them on almost every

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Tel Aviving

When you live in the center of the city, you need to keep up with the urban style. Even if just for a cup of coffee down the block.  I wanted to put on my casual, comfort, summer suitable look,

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