Rock That Glam

Its Summer Time. And here in Tel Aviv the weather is too Hot to handle. So when it comes to outfits you need to find the perfect way to keep it stylish yet light and weather suitable. The Stylish shopping

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Spring • Summer

Combining bow tie shorts with lace up sandals, And a Wool tank top. A great combination for a summer look with a twist. My colors for the season are all kind of shades of white, green and brown. And of

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Few moments before the cool weather is really leaving us, let me share with you this cute half winter half spring outfit. great lightning, great area, and great outfit is the greatest combination for a spontaneous photo shoot. Outfit details:

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Suddenly Grey

After Sunny Sturday, its kind of upsetting to wake up to grey skies and chilly weather. But instead of feeling down and hide under my blanket, I decided to take full advantage of this weather and make this day count!

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Forever21 ACTIVE Makes Me Wanna MOVE

On these winter days, its really important to remember not to abandon your body. So one of the must have things for it, is sports! You can manage doing sport in lots of ways; runs, walks, kickboxing or even shopping!

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New York, New York

NewYorkNewYork what can i say about you that haven't already been said?! The city that never rest, the lights that always light you the way, the massive amount of people wandering around the blocks and squares. You can always find

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Fashion Week is always a busy week! I was at two fashion shows a day, so I had to really plan ahead my outfits so I won't repeat anything or look like anyone else in there. I must say, it

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One of the main clichès in fashion is thinking that expensive mean beautiful, that being fashionable means spending great amounts of money. Sure there is those items or brands that we all wish we could afford, but it is not

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As part of the Calcalist Mag team, I joined to a press conference with Rosita Missoni, the founder of the Italian fashion house Missoni. It took place at a fabric and home tools boutique in Tel Aviv. It was so

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I wanted to play with Fashion and express the fun and rebellious aspect of it, There is no other Trend that can express it better, than the Grunge. The 90' Grunge started as a way to express the rebell mood

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Experience my journy in the world of fashion and lifestyle unfiltered. I am founder or Dana’s, A Psychology Student and Fashion Stylist who is passionate about Fashion.