Mykonos ShMykonos

For Me going to Greece is always a pleasure, Every island has its own magic.  At first, when we got there, rain welcomed us. So I was a little scared our vacation is ruined! But that wasn't the case. We

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I can conclude IBIZA in four simple words :  EAT . BEACH . RAVE . Repeat . So cliché yet so true.   We've spent there a whole week, which was enough. I can't really specified the things that went

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Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week. Only the sound of it is thrilling, So imagine what it made me feel when i got invites for the A list shows: Lanvin, Dior, Louis Vuitton. It almost felt surreal to be part of it.  But

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Parisian Girl

Exploring all over again Paris, With my girl Avishag Nagar.  We were sent there to capture our moments in the Fashion Capital, while walking in Marcha Ballerina. Not Much to say except that we had the time of our life

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Dream Land • Italia 2015

  Italy is the most beautiful country I've been in. Every inch of it is so glamorous, authentic and a movie like. You can find there anything; from great (high with carbs) food, home made pasta and pizza, great sea

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Vintage Prague

Prague is all about the view. Any places we visited, any road we end up wandering was pure magic. Prague is the only city remained fully authentic in Europe post WWII. All the structures are still alive making the city

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