Mykonos ShMykonos

For Me going to Greece is always a pleasure, Every island has its own magic.  At first, when we got there, rain welcomed us. So I was a little scared our vacation is ruined! But that wasn't the case. We

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I can conclude IBIZA in four simple words :  EAT . BEACH . RAVE . Repeat . So cliché yet so true.   We've spent there a whole week, which was enough. I can't really specified the things that went

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Dream Land • Italia 2015

  Italy is the most beautiful country I've been in. Every inch of it is so glamorous, authentic and a movie like. You can find there anything; from great (high with carbs) food, home made pasta and pizza, great sea

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Pjs and a View

When the ExpoZe team calls you for a Pajamas party, you know it's a good idea! Especially in a place like the white suite in the Alexander Hotel. A surreal place, where you can feel serenity and still be in

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My Romantic Santorini

Before all the Mania that comes with Fashion week, and me traveling for almost a month. My Love and I decided to take a little relaxing vacation. There is no place as relaxing and romantic as the islands of Greece.

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